VS Pack exhibitors' packaging innovation awards

Within the occasion of the VS Pack exhibition, Atlanpack organizes the SpiriPack trophies which reward the exhibitors’ packaging innovations. The contest is open to all exhibitors.

SpiriPack Awards: a contest open to all exhibitors

Logo of the SpiriPack Awards for packaging innovation

This contest is open to all exhibitors and allows them to highlight a recently marketed packaging innovation. Candidate innovations are evaluated by a jury of professionals who reward 3 innovations. The innovative aspect but also the design, the commercial impact or the eco-conception are among the criteria taken into account during the evaluation of the jury. The products are exposed in a dedicated space in the heart of the VS Pack exhibition. They are thus visible to visiting professionals and journalists who cover the event. The FreePack Spirit competition rewards the innovations of packaging design students.

The SpiriPack winners - Edition 2023


The Golden SpiriPack 2023 is awarded to MAUCO CARTEX, for its digital printing process, which adds a 3rd dimension to graphic design. Ink elevation makes it possible to apply relief to all or part of the image.


The 2023 Silver SpiriPack is awarded to CARBON DECOR, for its hot-marked relief inkjet technique. An innovation in the spirits industry, allowing total freedom of plurality, whatever the volume of the project!

3rd Prize: WESTROCK

The Bronze SpiriPack was won by WESTROCK in 2023 for its premium packaging, using sustainable packaging design theories to propose innovative, optimized and responsible packaging.

Village Innovations "Coup de Coeur"

In 2023, the Village Innovations Coup de Coeur was awarded to ISOLA, for its interactive, aesthetic closure system for liquid foodstuffs, which enables two completely separate products to be packaged in the same bottle/carafe.

How to enter the SpiriPack Awards?

You are an exhibitor at VS Pack and you have a recently commercialized innovation? The Packaging Innovation Exhibition can be an excellent showcase for your product! Submit your application by contacting the show’s organizing team. All the useful information will be communicated to you so that you can prepare your application and thus, hope to win the Golden SpiriPack of packaging innovation. The next competition will take place in 2025, think about it now.